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Multifocal patients often complain of seeing glare and halos, especially at night, in the first few months after surgery.As a result, considerable time and money are being invested in the development of IOLs that reduce or eliminate the problems of current multifocals.Fortunately, I did not have much astigmatism (which is harder to correct, especially in contacts) and my vision was fairly stable from ~20 to age 40.

Unlike conventional “single vision” intraocular lenses (IOLs), accommodating IOLs are lens implants that are designed to help patients see at varying distances using different points of focus.

;-)So while my layman's research/experience may be helpful/informative, please consult a medical professional for your personal situation.

Scroll down for full details, but since the 2011 surgery, I continue to see well and am glad with the choices I made and the results.

Standard monofocal lenses provide good distance vision but still require the use of reading glasses for near and intermediate work to overcome the presbyopia.

Premium lenses consist of multifocal and accommodating lenses.

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While I've been fortunate to have had good health, my eyes have always been a bit of a problem.

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