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Even though she hasn’t worked a hard day in her life and has had her hand held by the government every step of the way, she thinks her education has given her everything she needs to know about the world, including your own country.

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You know those people that have been students for what seems like forever, always working on a master’s or Ph D? Since the government pays for education, a Danish person would be stupid not to achieve the highest level possible, especially since in Denmark there is a strong correlation between years of education and income.

Yes, it’s true, I’ve found a species that is even more masculine than American women.

After accounting for the fact that Danish girls aren’t as slutty as American or Icelandic girls, I hope you’re beginning to see that we have a real problem on our hands.

An annoying feature of the perma-student is that she has a chip on her shoulder.

And, it did according to the report: 'The Facebook Experiment: Does social media affect the quality of our lives? Researchers noted that 94 per cent of the participants visited Facebook daily before dividing the 1,095 Danish participants into two groups.

One group continued to use Facebook as they normally would, while the others stopped using the social networking site for a week.

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You may not like it, but staying away from Facebook will probably make you happier.

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