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So Arden and I took a few seconds and thought about ways to compress some of our techniques into a few minutes.

I tend not to believe in canned material but a speed dating scenario things move so quickly that having a few routines on hand seems to be your best bet.

With practice, you can increase each side of the “square” to a count of eight or even twenty; the longer the count, the slower and more calming the breathing — just no gasping, please.

Love at first sight (or inbox message) does exist once in a while.

Hollywood has built an entire industry on the line “You had me at hello.” That being said, creating real closeness with someone usually takes time.

YOU ARE READING Random Okay ladies lets be real here.

We've all liked a guy, but he never noticed us. Save that for when you start dating after reading this book.

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Remember in speed dating most people are so focused on retelling their life story in a four minutes that they lose sight to the present.

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