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Kissing Crane Knife Company was founded in Germany in 1834.We humbly began as the go-to brand for high-quality pocket knives and the tradition of quality craftsmanship continues still today.Production expanded and the Klaas name continued to grow in popularity and in 1895 Klaas registered the “Kissing Crane” logo as its trademark.Ownership and management of the Klaas Company has passed through several generations succeeding Robert Klaas.

Kissing Crane became an exclusive United Cutlery brand a few years later.Premium handle materials including burnt bone, genuine stag and exotic woods elevate the tone of each knife, while a variety of handsome accents including abalone, mother of pearl and marble add variety to Kissing Crane’s custom designs.We have risen to the forefront of knife collections with our popular series of limited edition, collectible-themed folding knives, each of which features an elegant, custom design complete with brilliantly polished brass-plated bolsters and the world-renowned Kissing Crane emblem.The first shipment of Pauls’ Knives was shipped to the United States in 1850 and his high quality three- and four-blade knives were appreciated by both tradesmen and collectors alike.Peter and Johanne’s daughter later married a young scissors maker named Frederich Robert Klaas, and after Pauls’ death, the two companies were merged to form the Robert Klaas Company in 1869.

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