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It's just gotten more buzz ever since Chloe, the infamous party girl and lead character from Of course, I’m not the only 20-something who jumped into a rotation immediately following a breakup.Nina, a 25-year-old accountant living in Chicago, started hers after a four-year relationship ended. And, Monica*, a 25-year-old producer in New York City, can also echo the experience. We’d been dating for awhile and things were great-shared interests, good sex, lots of laughs (and a few tears). Then I started hearing rumblings along these lines: “I don’t think I could ever see another man,” she would say. “I told some of my friends that you were my boyfriend,” she said. “Maybe we could go somewhere over the holidays,” she said. She had cooked roast pork and truffled mashed potatoes.

But, rather than stay single, I figured out what the hell I wanted from my next long-term partner, dove straight into dating, and found myself in the middle of a rotation — that is, seeing a multitude of men, all noncommittally.I met Peter* a few weeks ago and we completely hit it off and have been talking all day every day since.We have seen each other several times and have had a great time.A term used to define the status of a relationship.Neither of the two partners are seeing anyone else, but the title boyfriend/girlfriend puts too much pressure or seriousness to a loosely dating couple.

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