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Josiah Wedgwood, whose ceramic creations evoked the styles and themes of antiquity so popular in the late eighteenth century, produced a copy of the celebrated Portland Vase in black-and-white jasper-ware.

The original, attributed to the Roman gem-cutter Dioskourides, is in the style of works made between 30 and 20 B. After its discovery in the late sixteenth century in the tomb of the Emperor Septimius Severus, it became one of the most admired works of antiquity and passed through an illustrious series of collections, among them those of Cardinal Barberini, Sir William Hamilton, and finally, the duchess of Portland, who donated it to the British Museum.

This formula was expensive to manufacture and Wedgwood soon developed an alternative – the jasper dip, or surface jasper.

This was a way of tinting only the visible surface, leaving backs and insides un-coloured.

Creil ware was made in the Oise, France area between 17.

This particular plate is from the Montereau area and was manufactured between about 18.

However, sometimes this mark was also encircled, while in other cases the entire mark was raised rather than impressed.As well as light Wedgwood blue, colours used for jasper dip during this period included deep blue, lilac, olive, light green, black, pink, and yellow.White ornamention was made in a mould, then attached to the coloured vases, tableware, portrait medallions etc.If one wants to take a peek at what else we offer such as vintage prints, antique china, lamps, kitschy flamingo fun, genealogy books or whatever, those items will be located in the Annex category, and are searchable by clicking on the Annex.Click on the photo to see the complete details about this French Creilware plate and let us know if you have any questions!

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