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You need to fetch the User Admin instance from the database.

Looking at your code I guess you are passing in the username through a query parameter.

POST) public Model And View add Tanya Jawab(@Model Attribute Tanya tanya, Model Map model, Http Servlet Request request, Http Servlet Response response)throws Exception The issue with that is that this object is new and has not been persisted into the database yet.

When you are creating a new Tanya object you are referencing it to the new User Admin object. You are either required to set a persistent User Admin object in your Tanya object wich has been loaded from the database beforehand or create a new User Admin object, add Tanya and save that instead.

In this case, I can see (from hibernate logs) that the parent is updated, but the changed child is not updated.

Is there an option in Hibernate to force the changed children to get updated when the parent is updated?

could any body give me a solution, please suggest the idea to proceed :) this is my Useradmin Class : @Request Mapping("/user/tanya-jawab.html") public Model And View list Tanya Jawab(Model Map model)throws Exception @Request Mapping(value="/user/add-tanya-jawab.html", method=Request Method.

Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of mappings? I don't think I should have to loop the entire thing because I could just save each individually.

When I insert a new parent, it inserts the children fine.

@Peter Rader Not an efficient one that could be handled by using the Hibernate mappings.

More and more often I find this is an issue with parent / child collections and hibernate but nobody has been able to provide me with a solid solution.

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After inserting, I shift the control back to the form with the same values.

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