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Once again, players can vote on their favorite idol every year to see who's the most popular idol of that year.

Voices for idols were implemented into the game on March 15, 2015.SIDEM prides itself on its advanced up-to-date CNC machinery.The made-to-measure assembly lines and the in-house automation processes guarantee an industrial production capacity accomodating every demand.You may remember them as on of the original [email protected] anime’s rival idol groups… Their seiyuu include: Looks like their story will follow them after they left 961 Production during the events of the [email protected] TV anime.Kinda makes you wonder if the Haruka x Touma ship is still going on, huh?

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It is a clear , easy-to-read, easy-to-use manual giving correct, updated information about our complete product range. The fully automated distribution center in Belgium is the flagship of SIDEM.

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