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In 2010, the Ministry of Telecommunications issued a regulation for a catalogue of websites whose access should be blocked in state-run facilities and cybercafes.

The procedure for consigning sites to this blacklist remains nontransparent and there is no functioning appeal process.

The TLD is limited to specific higher educational institutions such as, but not limited to, trade schools and universities. S., its use was restricted in 2001 to post-secondary institutions accredited by an agency on the list of nationally recognized accrediting agencies.

This domain is therefore almost exclusively used by American colleges and universities.

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The overall situation for internet freedom in Belarus remained relatively stagnant during 2012-2013.

The government, run by the autocratic President Alexander Lukashenka, continues to exert control over the online sphere by blocking websites and intimidating online users.

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Minutes later, the traffic on his website, Funnier, nosedived.

Google Analytics showed the number of active readers drop from 3,000 to zero instantly.

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