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Incredibly rare , Obsolete and hard to find limited spitting image of Marilyn Monroe complete 52 2 vintage playing cards deck by Gil Elvgren, artist image known as “ Second Thoughts” .

Condition of this incredibly rare gently used deck of historic Marilyn Monroe is in excellent to very fine.

Card backs, faces, finishes and colors can all be customized to meet your needs, and grab your target’s attention.

USPC has acquired many playing card companies over the years.

Coca Cola attracted a number of these artists to their workplace, and Elvgren was not an exception.

He looks at the art of magic from a real-world perspective and approaches it with skills very few possess.Personally I feel the financial value is irrelevant, but the quality of his work is stunning to say the least.He studied art at the Minneapolis Art institute, an institution that also hosted other artists now known for their pinup works among which were Robert Skemp, Andrew Loomis, Coby Whitmore, Al Buell and Ben Stahl.His site provides free tips, quality information about card magic, plus paid tutorials on his authentic material designed for rising magicians and hobbyists alike.This is most of what I know about dating a deck of cards.

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